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Many people will not know this, but there exists at the site called Petra Tou Romiou (the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite) a phenomenon to rival the great legends of myth and folklore. More believable than Big Foot, or UFOS or Ghosts, or even the Loch Ness Monster and even more tangible than the Da Vinci Code.
And for the island of Cyprus, a wonderful attraction to boost tourism and the economy. 
But this is not a new story, it was first published in 2008, by a local Cypriot publisher, where it captured the imagination of the local population. But that audience was limited and when the financial crisis hit, the publisher went into liquidation and the books into storage.
Author Myron Edwards (64) wouldn’t let it lie; he knew he had something unique and he had to tell the world about it. Search as hard as he could he couldn’t find the right person to believe in what he had to say or offer. But, eventually after many years of searching and disappointments, in 2016 he did come across on a social business network Rockhill Publishing and its owner James Hill. Myron Submitted the synopsis and eventually the revised manuscript to Rockhill as he had certainly changed the story line since its first inception. So as to make it a book that captures the imagination and transports the reader through a series of events, some so personal and some so tragic that you feel that you are directly involved. 
Whilst the premise of the story is true to the original, the enhancements add meat, to the storyline so the reasoning behind Richard Cole and his obsession with the Goddess Aphrodite becomes clearer. The subsequent suspense and intrigue against a background of Cypriot life is the canvass on which the story is painted. The battle between the two women in Richard’s life his wife Julie and the Goddess becomes an eternal triangle of love passion and deceit, added to this the jealousy and envy of a third woman Sheila, Richard’s best friend Peter’s wife whose devious plan to own all that Richard has built up for herself, makes Mistress of the Rock a compulsive read. With the amazing and probably most surprising of all conclusions that the legend of Aphrodite maybe more than just legend, it could even be real.

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